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Important Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Bus for a Company Trip

Eileen Spencer

Occasionally, you and your colleagues need a break from the regular office activities to have fun for both social and professional gains. Taking a trip to a resort or holiday destination could be the perfect reward for a job well done or for building much-needed team spirit within your organisation. Hiring a bus is an ideal decision you can make for such events. It is economical and comfortable at the same time. However, what should you do to make sure that you get the most value for your money? Here are some of the important considerations you must make:


Capacity is the first thing that should come to mind. How many of you are taking the trip? It doesn't make sense to spend much money on a bus with a capacity of 60 people only to carry 30 or 40 of you. Ask your team to confirm their participation in good time so that you are certain of the capacity to avoid wasting money.

Current and Proper Licensing

If you are to hire a bus, it should have the proper licensure for the provision of public services. This also covers the license held by the driver and any other stewards employed to offer service on the bus. A common mistake people make is to ignore these license requirements for cheaper deals or services. However, a registered a bus-hire service provider has the appropriate licences, which will come in handy during reimbursements and other liabilities in case of an emergency or accident. When hiring, make sure that the license is up to date.


Is the bus comfortable for the whole trip? Before you pay someone for the bus, it is important to pay him or her a visit and see what exactly he or she is offering you. Do not be swayed by what you see in advertisements and photographs. A bus with modifications and equipment like fans and air conditioners will provide comfort unlike one without such facilities. Most importantly, look out for safety features such as emergency exits and portable fire extinguishers.


Ask the vendor about the payment systems they use to help you choose what is convenient for you. Does the vendor deal with you directly or does he or she use brokers? Brokered deals mean that you are paying more than you are supposed to so it is  best to find vendors who deal with you directly. 


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