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Various Kinds of Accommodation Available for Tourists

Eileen Spencer

When travelling to a new destination, finding the right accommodation services is essential for a successful trip. You need a strategic location that ensures that you won't spend too much of your precious holiday time stuck in traffic or travelling for long hours before you get to the sites that you would like to visit. The market has many alternatives when it comes to accommodation services. For you to choose the right services, you must have a clear understanding of what each service line entails or looks like. Here are the various kinds you can choose from:


Essentially, a guesthouse refers to a privately owned house that has been modified and converted into a lodging facility. For this reason, most guesthouses often take the configuration of an ordinary family house with a living room, kitchen, washing areas and several bedrooms. Guesthouses are ideal if you are travelling in a group and would like to enjoy accommodation services as if you were in your home. You can cook for yourself and do your laundry, among other things, which is unlike an ordinary hotel room, where some of these activities are restricted.


Motels are another popular form of accommodation that you can choose. Motels are characterised by a host of connected rooms with their entrances overlooking the gate or parking area of the premises. They can also be designed as a chain of cabins with a common parking area for all the visitors. Motels are located along highways in remote locations, making them the ideal accommodation option when you are travelling to a rural or remote location.


Youth hostels are the ideal option for a low-budget traveller looking to spend a couple of days in town. Hostels are characterised by shared rooms and facilities such as eating areas, bathrooms, bedrooms and toilets. This makes them a bad choice for you if you value lots of privacy and personal space. Preferably, you should choose the hostel alternative when travelling with friends and loved ones that you wouldn't mind sharing your personal space with.


Hotels are among the oldest accommodation services in the market. They have been around for many years. The term refers to an establishment offering paid accommodation alongside other services such as conferencing and mini-bars. Today, hotels try to be as comprehensive as possible, such that you barely have to go look for services elsewhere when you check in. They offer food, swimming pools, gyms and other services.


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